Please include a cover letter with your submission. If your piece is chosen for publication, you will be offered a $25 honorarium. Include your paypal address in your cover letter.
During disasters, both natural and political, communities tend to pull together to help each other. This has been demonstrated both by the disaster that is the Trump Administration, and more recent natural disasters such as the flooding in Houston. ROAR Feminist wants to hear about what actions you've been taking in your community to combat the disasters we're facing daily in the form of personal essays, whether it's protesting the Transgender Ban in the military, marching against fascism, opening up a temporary shelter for the displaced, running for public office, or other actions that are improving your community. 

Roar seeks literary fiction that scrutinizes the intersections of race, gender, class, geography, sexuality, age, ability, etc. We want stories that challenge us, that move us, that help awaken us. We will accept short stories or excerpts of longer pieces. Length: up to 5,000 words.

Do you have an 800-1200 word first-person account of your own abortion(s)? "My Abortion: A Daily Story" section hopes to amplify the fact that abortion is a daily occurrence, a regular happening, an ordinary part of people's lives. (roar does offer a token honorarium to other contributors, but is unable to for these stories. we will however make a contribution for each story to an abortion assistance funding group.)

We ask that you use your real name, though names in the piece may be changed. We are particularly interested in stories from women of color and from other marginalized groups.
Pose your questions for Salty here.

Original essays from authors of books, essays that are tied to their themes/stories OR essays on TV/films/other media from writers. 750-1,000 words. Feminism first, other "isms" welcome after that.

Gwendolyn Brooks said: "First fight. Then fiddle." We seek poems that do this--that fight. We also actively seek work that is often marginalized in literary journals. 

(up to five poems)

Culture, Politics, and Activism is a weekly column that features essays exploring the current political space in the United States. Essays exploring culture and activism are also encouraged, and of course, essays that explore a combination of all three are also encouraged. Intersectional feminism is a must. Essays should be 800-1200 words, although if the submission is longer or shorter, please give the reason in cover letter. 
Roar: Literature and Revolution by Feminist People